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Joe and Judy Estes

Carolyn and Joe Plaster

Virginia and Coleman Utz

Harrison Betty Simms

Shelia Fretz

Charlie Gill

Barbara and Jim Daye

Jeanne Bragg

Ron "Lefty" Tydings

Pat and Don Adams

Sean and Karen Gregg

Winfred Dawn Swink and Gary Gibson

Bill and Joan Hager

Scotty and Jo Schafer

OCHS Class of 1969 Reunion

OCHS Multi Year Reunion

Margaret Hulvey Wright 

Jimmy and Amy Fitch

Emily Fitch

William Fitch

Tracey Hager Newman 

Louise Bailey LaRue 

Steve and Nan Ducker

Karl Wimmer

Piper Roberts andTony Oneto


Kim Butcher 

Jesse and Betty Lou Roberts

Cindy White

Barbara Layman

Ernly and Wendy J  Chewning

Donald and Vicky Schafer

Chris  and Ann Freed

Gena and Larry Keller)

Courtenay Fry Janes

Betty Heflin 

Donnie and Gwyn Taylor

Delmer and Elaine Seal

Ray Bowman 

Ann Leahy  

Robina and Doug Fears

Joan Green Davis

Page Almond

Carlene  and Allan Wilson

Will Likens 

MB and Susan Southard

Tom Garth 

Greg Dudley 

Tim White

Susan Audibert 

Donna Southard

Randall Edwards 

Ann Faulconer 

Mitzi and Monty Gay

Aubry Trekle

Leonard Cowherd

Esther Day

Christina Gillis

Edwin Talley 

Ken Bates-Clark 

Rod and Wendy Slayton

Steve Sanford

Lucy B Robertson Rohweder

Rick Sherman

Jacque Johnson 

Donnie Hughes

Shelly Verling 

Jessica Vachone

Carla Brock

Dana Bennett

Alex Joyner 

Roger Almond

Jessica Southard

Matthew Watts 

Thomas Hamilton

Brenda Greer

Phil Jaderborg

Tim Freeman

Nathan Tolbert

Doug Wampler

Jacob Slaughter 

Wilson Somerville

Willow Drinkwater

Tammy Dickerson 

Karen Sparks 

John Carroll 

Lisa Good

Carolyn Rowe 

Brian Baker

Lee Bostic 

Andy Lax

Wanda Johnson Richardson

John Faulconer

Dale Wilson

Chuck and Ann Mason

Fred Melton

Ashby Shifflett

Ellen Wessel

John Amos  (Skeeter) 

Gina Keller  (Skeeter)

Tim Freeman  (Skeeter)

Ray Palmer

Irving and Frances Herndon

JoAnn Colvin

Gordon Yager

Lillian Murray  (Skeeter)

William and Shirley Gallihugh

Joan Hebrance

Don and Judy Little

Barry Barr

David and Michelle Brizzolara

Pam Miller Gilley

The Rotary Club of Orange

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